Agile coach, scrum master,
leader in software architecture and software development.

  • Experience of 18 years in software engineering, all these years focused on developing projects and products aimed at the internet (WEB).
  • With agile methods I have been working for more than 7 years and I am still studying more and more about scrum, kanban and lean.
  • Experience in the creation, architecture and implementation of systems using Microsoft technology with C# programming technologies with relational database like SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres and non-relational like MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch. Both programming in several other languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike, Node.js, Javascript, PHP, C, Perl.
  • Solid experience in management information systems, which primarily serves, e-commerce and advertising business areas.
  • Management, planning and coordination of people's activities for the development of systems for the Internet, aiming at the standardization and rationalization of procedures, controls, implementation of systems for websites, electronic processing and information security.
  • Experience in all stages of developing systems solutions in enterprise environments.
  • As servant leader, in projects involving multidisciplinary teams.
  • Technical and managerial skills of systems areas, project management, database, back-end and front-end development.